Marco Pierre White The Governor Cider Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Marco Pierre White (Made by Westons)
Cider Name: The Governor Cider
Region: Herefordshire
ABV: 4.8%
Taste: Medium
Served: Pint at room temperature
Smell: Apples/Fruity
Colour: Dull straw/Yellow
Clarity: Slightly cloudy
Carbonation: Still

Review/Tasting Notes:

Purchased From: Cider Press, Bristol
Date: 02/03/13

Today is football day and as usual it is pub time before the match. Today is slightly different though, as it’s midday and it’s my mates official last day in Bristol, which means we need to have a send off he won’t forget! First stop is the Cider Press and time for a pint of Marco Pierre White The Governor Cider.

Marco Pierre White is a celebrity chef (as most people should know) and owns his own pubs and now wants his own cider too. He has gone to Westons and they have kindly made one for him. Well, it might just be a rebadged Scrumpy or something similar. Though it would be nice if they made something unique for them. It’s time to find out now people!

The cider was poured a dull straw and lightly yellow colour, which was surprisingly only £3.05 for a pint. It smelled very fruity and similar to their Scrumpy and Old Rosie. I take my first sip and it’s not a bad cider, but just not very inspiring. You get the fruity feel, light citrus notes and a mild tang from the acidity. Then after that it’s a bit of nothingness. It’s a very safe and easy going cider that might appeal to a few, but just lacking much in the excitement stakes for me. It feels very similar to their Traditional Scrumpy and Bounds Scrumpy ciders, or even a weaker version of the Old Rosie. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a rebadged job. I won’t be rushing back for another pint anytime soon, but it’s preferable to the other poor industrial ciders.

Would I buy this again?: Possibly
Overall Rating: 6.5/10


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    Patrick Huff said,

    What a let down. Well the good news is that there are more cider to be had

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